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Protect your child - we can find out the location of his/her device instantly!

  • It's safe (we do not collect any personal data about monitored devices).
  • It's fast.

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24/7 tracking

Track your relatives nonstop. With the frequency matching your needs.

Offline mode

Devices track the position even when not connected to the Internet. Once connected they submit the location to the system.

Immediate position retrieval

Get the current position of the device even if it is not being tracked at the time.


Send free messages straight to the mobile device.

We care for you

Do you experience any problem or do not understand something? No worries, let us know. We will be pleased to help you.

Protect your kids and never worry again

Do you know the feeling? Lucy should have been home a while ago. Is everything OK? Is she alright? Is she still at school?

Do not worry. We have a solution to keep overview of your kids. Protect them even when you are not able to be near using the device all of them have and take everywhere they go. It has never been simplier.

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