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What is Tracky Mobile?

Application Tracky Mobile is a service for geolocation and the exact location of a mobile phone (or other device) equipped with the Android operating system. On the map it is possible to display the location of the phone (tablet or other android devices), in 10 minute intervals.

Tracky Mobile can run in hidden mode when the application is not discoverable standard way, but remember - you must inform you must inform owner of tracked phone that he's being monitored!

How does it work?

Tracky Mobile uses native geolocation features like GPS receivers, Wi-fi network and BTS transmitter (transmitter from your mobile operator) and determines a position of the device at regular intervals (10min.), and you can see these informations on the map.

How to start tracking?

The whole process does not take more than 5 minutes!

  1. Sign up to Tracky Mobile.
  2. Add a new device (which you want to track).
  3. Download the application from Google Play and pair the device.

New account registration

Sign up for new user account. After logging in simply click the "Add a device" button.



Add new device

Type the name of the device (eg "Johny"), and select the device group, within which the mobile phone is displayed. Device groups are actually like folders, in which you can divide the individual monitored devices - you can create a group such as "Family", "Friends", or devices can be divided into "mobiles" and "tablets", etc..


Pairing with new account

Consequently, it is necessary to pair the devices. Pairing is important, becasue device position will be displayed just in your account! In the "unpaired" page you have a table with a generated code of the newly created device.



Download app from Google Play and enter code

Download our app Tracky Mobile from official Google Play store and install it. Application does not save any personal data except your position!

After you run the application, click on the "Enter the pairing key." Copy the code from the screen and then you can start monitoring service. That's it!